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Assam Tourist Package


    Let us assist you in planning your Northeast Trip!

    An insight into the Assam Tourism

    Assam is a divine state in India. It is also acknowledged as the ‘Gateway to the North East.’ The best way to explore this incredible destination is by availing of Assam tour packages.

    In your Assam package tour, you will explore the Kaziranga National Park and many other wildlife destinations. You will also explore the wildlife heaven and see the endangered one-horned rhinos and water buffaloes.

    Assam tourism package is such that all types of travellers, of all ages, find it delightful. Thus, families, honeymooners, and backpackers can go for an Assam tourism package. You can find many customizable Assam tourism packages with a lot of options for accommodations.

    Some of the best things included in your Assam package tour are enjoying water sports on the Brahmaputra River and attending local festivals such as Bihu, and visiting local temples, monuments, and forts. Assam is reachable both by railways as well as airways. The state has excellent connectivity by road.

    Why should you visit Assam?

    Assam owns lots of fascinating secrets. It is one of the most iconic Northeast India’s seven sisters. You can witness a mix of history, nature, and culture in one place with an Assam tourist package. Assam is the second largest state, following Arunachal Pradesh in Northeast India. Another thing that is the best in Assam is its closeness with foreign countries such as Bhutan and Bangladesh. The state experiences an insight into every neighbouring land.

    Assam has many ageless forests and tall mountain ranges that are always the best part to attract a traveller’s mind. Therefore, if you want to relax on the river island and indulge in a shopping spree, and go on a wildlife safari, an Assam package tour is the best option.

    If you wish to explore every splendid corner of this beautiful northeastern state, then Assam tour packages are the best option for you. We provide you with many cost-effective Assam tour packages that fully cover the beauty and cultures of Assam. Therefore, you need not think twice before planning an Assam tourist package with us.

    Top tourist attraction in Assam

    • Every nook and corner of the state is bright and beautiful.
    • Assam has many hill stations such as Haflong, Miabong, Diphu, and Jatinga. It is one of the most vibrant parts of northeast India.
    • 35-per cent of the region of Assam is covered with forests. The state is well-known for its wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. The wildlife reserves of Assam are home to more than 1000 species of birds.
    • A person can also experience many adventure activities such as trekking, river rafting, camping, etc., with our Assam tour packages.
    • The state is also blessed with many tea estates, diverse cultures, wildlife sports, festivals, and many other activities that you must experience. These all are included in an Assam Package tour.

    The best time to go for an Assam tourist package is in winter or summer when you can enjoy the weather. Winters are cold and pleasant, and summers are refreshing.

    Things to do in Assam

    Assam is filled with a religious atmosphere. With Assam tour packages, you will be able to spend a grand time amidst the wildlife reserves and other historical sites. With our well-experienced travel experts and Assam tour packages, you can expect comfortable transportation and an excellent itinerary for your Assam tour.

    An Assam tourism package is exciting due to the inclusion of various tourist destinations of the state. The state also has some trails that offer many eye-catching views. You can also enjoy the opportunities for mountaineering and boat racing. The most important landmark of Assam is the river Brahmaputra. Assam tour packages offer you an excellent opportunity for river rafting.

    Amidst this river lies the Umananda temple, where Hindu devotees perform prayers. You can also enjoy your Assam tourist package by witnessing and enjoying the residents’ diverse and vibrant culture. Assam is also the place of many festivals like Bihu and Baishagu. You can learn a lot about the state by attending its tea festival. Tourists can also witness many recreational activities like fishing and angling through our Assam tourism package. Assam is also the home to Asia’s first oil refinery.

    Tourism guidelines for tourists who visit Assam

    Assam is a destination that is filled with many attractions and cuisines. All the accommodation services at Assam are very hospitable and welcoming. According to his requirements and budget, a tourist can choose from various hotels and restaurants in our Assam tourism packages. We will introduce you to the most reasonable and affordable options through our Assam tour packages to make your task easy.

    Here are a few guidelines included in an Assam tourism package that you must consider:

    • If you are visiting Assam during the summers, make sure that you carry an umbrella with you. You can also carry a sunscreen lotion and sunglasses.
    • If you are a foreigner, make sure that you have enough amount of Indian currency.
    • Make sure that you keep your money bag safe.
    • You must keep some loose money with yourself while travelling in local transports.
    • Stay away from unauthorized tourist agents.
    • If you are a foreigner, carry your passports with you and keep them safe in your pocket.
    • Many people in Assam do not know English. Therefore, you can try to learn some local languages for better communication.
    • Be aware of fake items when you are buying something.
    • Do not enter a restricted area.

    What is the best time to visit Assam?

    Assam is located in the Northeastern part of India. It experiences a tropical monsoon climate. The region also experiences heavy rainfall; that’s why you should not plan an Assam tourist package during monsoons.

    • Summers (April to June)

    Assam gives a refreshing retreat during summers. The climate is neither too hot nor too cold during this time. You can even get accommodation and transportation at very affordable prices in the Assam package tour in the summers.

    • Monsoon (July to September)

    Monsoon is not a good time to visit Assam. Due to heavy rainfall, the Brahmaputra River can flood its banks across the state.

    • Winters (October to February)

    It is the best time to plan an Assam tourist package. The weather is also pleasant during these months. The maximum number of adventurous activities are open during the winters.

    Why choose our Assam tour packages for your holidays?

    Our teams extend their hands to help you from the very beginning of your tour. We provide all services to get you a hassle-free and comfortable holiday with us. Our team will let you know all the tourist places that fall perfectly under your budget. You can trust us for a safe and secure Assam tourism package.

    • With many years of experience in the tourism industry, our team prepares Assam tour packages, including the latest travelling trends all around the country for you.
    • Assam tourism packagesinclude the best prices for all the activities in this state, and thus, our tour packages come with all types of popular attractions and destinations.
    • Our Assam tourism packagesare well customized and are the most affordable tour packages.
    • Whenever we design tour packages for Assam, we know what a customer would like for a holiday.
    • We will also provide you with all services for the travel arrangements in the Assam tour packages.
    • All the Assam tourism packagesprovide you with many guided tours for your holiday.
    • We appoint professional and experienced drivers and knowledgeable guides to assist you at every place.

    So, why wait up? Contact us and let us plan your Assam package tour.

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